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Each beautiful impression jasper set includes: A three bracelet set, earrings, an anket and ring. Each set has been hand crafted from real semi precious gem stone crystals boasting elevating properties.


Available with Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and Gunmetal hardware and multiple colors. 


(Stone sizes, finishes and exact hardware may vary)


Sizing information: 

Bracelets: An average Woman's bracelet will be 7 inches and average Man's will be sized to 8 inches. Anklets: An average Woman's anklet will be 8 inches and average Man's will be sized to 9 inches.


**You may include the exact measurements for your wrist in the comments. If the wrong size is requested, we will be happy to exchange for the right size for a $15 fee + shipping both ways.

First Impression: Impression Jasper Bracelet Set

$150.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
Color Hardware
Jasper Colors
  • The name means "spotted or speckled stone. Impression Jasper’s other name, Variscite, comes from Vogtland, Germany, which was formally known as Variscia. It was first discovered there in 1837.Variscite has been referred to as Utahlite for its notable presence in Utah. Its other name, variquoise, refers to it commonly being found with turquoise and having a similar coloration.

  • Available in many colors. Impression Jasper healing brings peace, bonding, and encouragement. This gemstone provides unity and support for physical and emotional recovery. It absorbs negative energy and restores positivity, promotes yin/yang balance, and brings mind, body, and soul into alignment.

    Impression Jasper activates the need to help one another and to overcome despair. Many use this gemstone to find inner-peace and clarity, but it can also be used for reaching goals.

    ​Strengthen muscles and tissue; Heal bones and nervous system; Circulation; Detox; Anti-inflammatory; Digestion; Immune system; Recovery from illness; and protects against radiation.

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