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Larvakite is available in bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings, hair pins, and necklaces as well as in a variety of additional accessories. Most accessories are available with Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and Gunmetal hardware : Place additional requests in custom request box. 


(Stone sizes, finishes and exact hardware may vary)


Sizing information: An average Woman's bracelet will be 7 inches and average Man's will be sized to  8 inches. You may include the exact measurements for your wrist in the comments. If the wrong size is requested, we will be happy to exchange for the right size for a $15 fee + shipping both ways.


Royally Adorned



$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Color Hardware

    Formed between 300 and 295 million years before Christ, that is, at the beginning of the Permian period, larvikite stone was at the origin of the Oslo region’s formation during the breakup of Pangea. Larvikite crystallises near subvolcanic areas around 30 km below the earth’s surface. No date has been identified as to its discovery, but its first appearance was in the book ‘The Eruptive Rocks of Oslo’, by Waldemar Cristofer Brogger in 1894. He described Larvikite stone as a natural stone native to Norway.

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