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Pyrite is available in bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings, hair pins, and necklaces as well as in a variety of additional accessories. Most accessories are available with Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and Gunmetal hardware : Place additional requests in custom request box. 


(Stone sizes, finishes and exact hardware may vary)


Sizing information: An average Woman's bracelet will be 7 inches and average Man's will be sized to  8 inches. You may include the exact measurements for your wrist in the comments. If the wrong size is requested, we will be happy to exchange for the right size for a $15 fee + shipping both ways.


Royally Adorned


$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Color Hardware
  • The name pyrite comes from the Greek word pyr meaning fire, because pyrite actually emits sparks when it’s struck by iron. In fact, it has been used to start fires since prehistoric times. Pyrite has also been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Examples of this jewelry from the ancient times of the Greeks, Romans and Incas have been found. Pyrite was, and still is, an ornamental material. Ancient Greeks polished it to make pins, earrings and amulets. It was also popular in Victorian Britain. Pyrite is highly reflective so the Incas used pyrite tablets as mirrors. Although lighter than gold, prospectors used to mistake pyrite for gold, earning it the synonym, fools gold. Pyrite is so named from the Greek word for fire (pyr) because it can create sparks for starting a fire when struck against metal or stone.

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