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Rhodonite is available in bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings, hair pins, and necklaces and available in numerous variety of additional accessories and sizes : 10mm, 8mm & 6mm is available. for 6mm  place request in custom request box.


Each beautiful bracelet has been hand crafted from real semi precious gem stone crystals boasting elevating properties. Available with Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and Gunmetal hardware as well as in  multiple finishes. You have the option of one bracelet or a set of two or three designed to be worn together. Custom orders are welcome for additional fee. 


Royally Adorned


Rhodonite Bracelet

$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Color Hardware
  • Rhodonite is named after the Greek word ‘rhodon’ which means rose or pink. Rhodonite was first discovered in Russia in the Ural mountains.

    Although its description as a gemstone took place in the 19th century, rhodonite has been known from many centuries ago, used mainly for decorative objects and sarcophaguses. During the Middle Ages, it was considered to be a powerful stone, endowed with magical powers, bringing happiness, honor and joy.

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