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Rose Quartz is available in numerous variety of accessories such as: 


Each beautiful bracelet has been hand crafted from real semi precious gem stone crystals boasting elevating properties. Available with Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and Gunmetal hardware as well as in  multiple finishes. You have the option of one bracelet or a set of two or three designed to be worn together. Custom orders are welcome for additional fee. 


Royally Adorned


Rose Quartz Bracelet

$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Color Hardware

    The mythology surrounding Rose Quartz is indicative of its powerful effect on the human mind, body and soul. Some of the best-known myths of Ancient Greece depict the gemstone as a great healer and symbol of passion and adoration, so it's altogether fitting that we still recognise its romantic qualities to this day. There are two legends that illustrate why the Ancient Greeks held Rose Quartz in such high regard.

    See Mythology section for the two legends.

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